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CICHE International Trade & Investment CO., Limited

The company has been responding to the needs of national business for cooperation with Asia and the Persian Gulf for over 12 years. We connect cultures, people and interests thanks to our expert business communication.

Foreign company representation in Dubai

We serve Polish clients in the United Arab Emirates. We support enterprises in creating and maintaining a presence in the business center of the Middle East, helping access markets and increase sales.


We organize business meetings

We organize business meetings at fairs and seminars, promoting national products and companies. Thanks to us, several of our clients were able to build their first business relationships in a foreign territory. Entering China and the United Arab Emirates may seem intimidating from afar, but not with us. Trade fairs are one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to identify and calculate the potential of the sales market. Only Google AdWords is cheaper. We have served over 150 companies on foreign markets, including over 500 individual participants.

We create public relations and manage international communication

Communication in Asia and the Middle East are different than in Europe. Diana Cichy, the owner and founder of the company, has been living and working in China and the Middle East for over 12 years. This allows her to help clients build public relations in a new region faster and more efficiently. As an active company that knows the realities of the Asian market, we are able to guarantee the client’s entry into the communication reality of a given country. We will show how to efficiently use communication to sell yourself and your product. Our clients fly, check into the hotel, have a business dinner that evening, and several meetings in offices and factories in the following days. They fly out tired, but pleased with how much has been accomplished. Time is money, especially abroad.

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The word for relationship in Chinese is GUANXI and WASTA in Arabic.

China and the United Arab Emirates have no secrets to us. We are deeply and solidly embedded in the entrepreneurial landscape in these countries. It took us a decade to build these relationships, with a lot of trial and error along the way. Our customers do not have to make the same mistakes that we did along the way. Culture is second nature to humans. It cannot be forgotten for a moment. Especially in China and in the Arab countries it can mean the difference between failure and success.

We organize individually created economic missions

Our clients are based in China, the United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, South Korea and Mongolia. We deal with clients comprehensively from the moment they land in a foreign area until they go back to their own country. Our task is to plan all activities, meetings and the entire organization of the mission, and the contract, in most cases, is sealed by the time of departure. Inshallah!

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Thanks to us, Polish mining machines appeared in China

We searched for new Chinese contractors for a Polish client, and thus introduced Polish mining technology to China, including to state-owned mines. We helped our clients with the Chinese admin and obtained the necessary certification of mining machinery and equipment at the Chinese Coal Institute 煤炭 科学 研究总院 in Beijing.

Did we mention that our Managing Director Diana speaks Chinese?