About us

CICHE International Trade & Investment is a family-owned company with a long tradition. Here the best business practices are born from a combination of tradition, or Silesian entrepreneurship and professional knowledge of the father - a specialist in heavy industry, with modernity, together with the know-how of a cosmopolitan daughter. The company's activities are based on the rich experience of owners acquired abroad, thanks to which they perfectly find themselves in a business operating at the crossroads of different cultures.

What does the company have to offer you? CICHE IT & I makes it easier for Polish and Chinese businessmen to establish business contacts and determine the terms of future cooperation. From the beginning, the company has been associated with Silesia region and mining in response to the intensive development of the mining industry in China. But this is not the only field of CICHE IT & I activities. The client can receive a wide range of services, starting from support in business negotiations, through searching for market niches, organization of business missions, translations, and launching products to China.

The headquarters of CICHE IT & I is located in the largest metropolis of the world, the business city - Hong Kong since 2009. The company's director, Diana Cichy, spent 5 years in China, dealing with mediation in business dealings, including independently organizing trips in the broadly understood MICE industry. Previously, she spent two years in Scotland, where she earned a master's degree in Management in international events and festivals at the University of Napier in Edinburgh. Her passion has always been traveling, and visiting various corners of the world, she has always been able to actively and easily adapt to new places and customs. To achieve this, she had to learn respect for other cultures and languages. Today it is easy for her to move around at the junction of Polish and Chinese culture. She is fluent not only in English, Polish but also communicates in Italian and Chinese.

Czesław Cichy, the company's general manager, has been involved in entrepreneurship for over 40 years. A graduate of the University of Economics in Katowice, he began his professional career in gastronomy, where he first managed the units to quickly become responsible for 14 bakeries and pastry shops in the Wodzisław Śląski region. After 1989, Czesław Cichy started his own business, in which he operated in the food, catering, hotel, transport and mining industries at the national arena. In the meantime, he learned the secrets of international cooperation. An important element of building a business for him is a partnership, the general manager of the company has a unique ease of getting to know people and understanding their needs. In this way he also gained valuable relations and future business partners in China in 2004. The unused niche of Polish-Chinese cooperation turned out to be his fascination and challenge. Consequently, together with his daughter Diana, she made the decision to start a business in Asia.

In Poland, the company is represented by the eldest daughter of Czesław, Linda Stanowska, who deals with the service of foreign contractors at business and tourist tours. Linda is a graduate of Górnośląska Wyższa Szkoła Handlowa in Katowice, major in Tourism and recreation. As a licensed field guide to the Śląskie Voivodeship and a tour guide, Linda organizes business time in Poland and in neighboring countries.

CICHE IT & I can boast of good reputation and considerable recognition in business circles both on the Polish and Chinese side. The company was trusted by: China Railway Engeneering Group 中 铁 股份有限公司, Marshal's Office - Silesian. Positive Energy, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade CCPIT 国际 贸易 促进 委员会 机械 行业 分会, Ministry of Development - Department of Trade and Investment Promotion in Beijing, Fasing SA, Sinosteel Corporation, Termospec, Polish-Chinese Business Council 波 中 商务 联合会. CICHE IT & I achieves excellent results thanks to the combination of experience and modernity, Polish entrepreneurship and Chinese trade, openness of owners and numerous contacts among Chinese business partners. CICHE IT & I has not only knowledge and business experience, but also knowledge of traditional Chinese culture and the history of the Middle Kingdom. It guarantees comprehensive service and full customer satisfaction. Owners Diana and Czesław have been in friendly relations with the Polish Embassy in Beijing for many years, with whom they organize numerous economic and cultural events.