We have found an article in Bloomberg Businessweek that provides a summary of activities of Polish businesses’ expansion in Chinese market and is the toughest market in the world. ”No sentiments. Unequal game rules. Tough competition. Burdensome administration.” – these are characteristics of this market, named by Paweł Różycki. 



One of the representatives of Polish capital, who managed successfully at Chinese market, is Bartosz Ziółek, who opened a Polish restaurant – Sarmatia in Foshan, Guangdong privince. The biggest Polish investors and exporters, who successfully operate there, are: KGHM, Kopex, Fasing, PMP Poland, Bioton, as well as Magellan Trading Shanghai. There are  also many of Polish businesses, for which expansion to China turned to be a very challenging task. Examples of such companies are: Delicpol, Mlekovita, Dr Irena Eris.



A key to success at the Chinese market is often to find your own niche, where there has been no competition yet. Other, very essential condition is to avoid mistakes coming from a lack of knowledge about Chinese culture, connected with contracts signing, as well as building a relationship with a business partner. It is worth mentioning, that even though Chinese market is very tough and competitive, it is a huge potential for Polish enterprises, coming from, among others, growing middle class.


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