Programme for Promotion of Mining Machinery and Equipment in October 2013


The trip to China during 20th -27th October 2013 was full of important meetings. At this business mission companies who participated were conducted under the Programme for Promotion of Mining Machinery and Equipment.

Under this programme, companies such as Carboautomatyka, HYDROTECH, MARTECH PLUS, DEMETRIX, ELTEL, Powen-Wafapomp, Wonam, DAMEL, KOM-STAL demonstrated their innovative solutions. As part of this trip we participated in the International Seminar called Coal Summit organized by the China National Coal Association. Same organizers held the world's largest mining fair China Coal and Mining Expo, held every two years in central Beijing. In addition, together with the National Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Promotion, Trade and Investment in Beijing was organized seminar on Innovative Equipment and Mining Machines, where Polish companies presented their presentations and then were able to talk directly at round tables with interested Chinese clients. The special guest was Professor Chuanrong 姓名, vice director of the China National Coal Association. During the seminar, the following companies were presented: Fasing SA, Conbelts, Kopex, Becker - Warkop, Apator Mining, Ponar     Wadowice. Fair lasted four days, we presented Polish innovative products, we had interpreters and hostesses to allow the conversation with potential clients. During the fair, part of the delegation went to the city of Taian, where we were shown the place to build factories in the economic technology zone, met the Mayor of the city and we were invited to the fair mining in Taian in 2014.

More detailed information can be found at the links below:,2013,m,10,a,40543,Seminarium_promocyjne_polskiego_sektora_wydobywczego_w_Pekinie.html,2013,m,10,a,40542,Polscy_gornicy_na_targach_przemyslu_wydobywczego_w_Pekinie.html

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