Seminar in Jinan

Between 25th-27th June 2013 the Delegation of Polish businessmen came to the city of Jinan for the opportunity to promote their products. The companies’ representatives were actively operating in Silesia in manufacturing mining equipment.


To name but a few companies: DFME Damel SA, Becker-Warkop Co., Ltd , Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG, TELVIS Co., Ltd, Patentus SA, MOJ SA, ConbeltsBytom, Conbelts Sulore, FASING, Kom-Stal Co., Ltd. 

On the second day of our stay in China we visited Shandong Energy Group on site. They were also invited to the seminar held the next day. The final day saw the seminar on the topic of "Cooperation between Polish and Chinese companies, in the field of hardware and underground transport". The welcome speech was presented by Secretary of State (Ministry of Economy) Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik and further speeches were given by representatives of entire companies. The event, on the afternoon of the same day, gave Chinese companies the opportunity to personally talk about joint projects at round tables.

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