We have found an article in Bloomberg Businessweek that provides a summary of activities of Polish businesses’ expansion in Chinese market and is the toughest market in the world. ”No sentiments. Unequal game rules. Tough competition. Burdensome administration.” – these are characteristics of this market, named by Paweł Różycki.
The trip to China during 20th -27th October 2013 was full of important meetings. At this business mission companies who participated were conducted under the Programme for Promotion of Mining Machinery and Equipment.
Between 25th-27th June 2013 the Delegation of Polish businessmen came to the city of Jinan for the opportunity to promote their products. The companies’ representatives were actively operating in Silesia in manufacturing mining equipment.

Our attributes

  • 1

    Establishing international business contacts

    We search for market niches, organize business missions, translate and negotiate during B2B meetings

  • 2

    Combining Benefits

    We combine benefits of Polish-Chinese cooperation.

  • 3

    Meeting market needs

    We are effective in meeting market needs.